At risk children typically experience adversity at a very early age that can set them apart from their peers, making them feel isolated and alone. This confusing search for a place to fit in can be traumatic and often lead to self-destructive behavior, depression and a lack of confidence and self-love. The sooner you can break that cycle, the sooner children can heal. At Inspire Youth Project, we embrace children wherever they are in their lives and help them see a path to something better - they CAN have a place to belong, where their peers accept them for who they are, where caring adults are genuinely invested in their future and believe in their greatness. 

Today, Inspire Youth Project's network of programs includes support groups, teen leadership, mentoring, camps and scholarship opportunities. Join us in ensuring that Inspire Youth Project's network of programs continue to grow and thrive so together we can be their for the kids who need us most.